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MACLEAN MACLEAN PASSION FRUIT & PEACH DETOX 百香果蜜桃天然酵素饮 uses the traditional way coupled with advance medical technology that uses the 4 principles: cleanse, nourish, condition and keep to total cleanse your liver, blood, lymph and intestines; and brings back your body to its optimum level.

Maclean detox product

Detox is the way to maintain a good body health.

The FOUR great principles

CLEANSE – Dispel out body toxin and free radicals, improves body functions and increase body metabolism rate

NOURISH – supplement what the body has lost throughout the years

CONDITION – regulate internal stability, increase focus, and revive body’s health condition

KEEP – Recuperate from tired body, let body rest, reduce fatigueless


Using passion fruit and peach as base fruits, other ingredients include seaweed, moringa, lotus, psyllium, and dandelion.

1. Detox liver toxin, blood toxin, lymph toxin, and intestine toxin

2. Regulate bowel movement, improves digestion

3. Regulates body pH level, neutralize free radicals

4. Regulate blood sugar level, reduce body physical exertion, and refresh body energy

5. Beautify and whitening, strengthen bone mass

6. Depletes fats and cholesterol in the body

7. Increase satiety

8. Maintain body weight



1. Dandelion extracts Both medicinal and culinary use


- Diuretic

- Reduce swelling

- Anti-inflammatory and helps with gastric

- Detoxification

2. Digestive enzymes Acts as body catalytic enzyme, good for body metabolism, Aids body to breakdown fats, proteins and carbohydrates


- Improves body metabolism

- Improves body digestion, heartburn

- Alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel symptoms

- Maintain body pH level

- Neutralize free radicals, anti-oxidant

- Depletes body cholesterol

- Stimulate immune system, improve liver health, and fight cancer

- Reduce inflammation and reduce osteoarthritis pain


1. LAPI collagen Obtained from fish skin gelatin or bovine skin gelatin, which uses the technology of chemical treatment, extraction in water and purification.

Manufactured in Italy


- Source of protein

- Beautify and restore skin elasticity

- Promote the health of bones and joints


1. BB536 probiotics is a multifunctional probiotic that is effective in alleviating gastrointestinal, immunological and infectious diseases. BB536 modulates luminal metabolism, stabilizes gut microbiota, and ultimately drives a fine-tuned homeostatic balance within the host-microbiome interaction. Clinical evidence of effectiveness of BB536 and how such multi functional activities take place would be valuable for an optimized probiotic selection.


- Increase immune system, prevent diarrhea or constipation

- Improve body metabolism

- Strengthen memories

2. Lotus extract Used in traditional medicine


- Reduce triglycerides, LDL cholesterol

- Maintain body BMI

- Regulate blood lipids level

- Detoxify intestinal toxins, diuretic


1. Nutriose® - Registered trademark of Roquette Inc USA a plant-based fiber derived with a neutral taste to preserve the original taste of your products and an outstanding digestive tolerance clinically proven.


- Maintain gut health as prebiotic, through growth of specific gut microbiota for a diversified gut

- Sustain energy release through slow and prolonged fermentation in the colon

- Weight management through calorie reduction

- Blood glucose management through sugar reduction – partial or total substitution which reduceds metabolism fatigue

- Non- GMO and gluten-free, KOSHER and Halal certified

2. Psyllium powder Originates from India and Iran, contains medicinal values

Effects :

- Regulates bowel movement

- Reduce 3 highs (blood sugar, blood pressure, blood fats)

- Increase satiety, weight management

- Prevent intestinal cancer and intestine related diseases

- Help maintain glycemic balance (lower carbohydrates intake) and reduce the chances of getting diabetes.

Suitable group of people

1. Hectic work life

2. Problematic body health

3. Constipation, fat, digestion problems

4. Pressured lifestyle

5. Dull skin tone

6. Insomnia, reduced concentration

7. Lost of appetite, sleep late

8. Tired body

DURING detox session

1. Headache – initially some people might feel headache because body is regulating and adapting to the new clean body. Continue to detox and slowly the headache will be gone

2. Dizziness – During detox, body will be exhausted. Drink more water and go to toilet more often, slowly this will recuperate

3. Tired/ Fatigue – During detox, the increase in metabolic rate will consume more energy, hence you will feel tired

4. Vomit – During detox, the body internal conditions will change slightly, make the body feels different, which is why some people feels nausea

5. Dehydrated – drink more water during detox because body is working at a higher level to regulate metabolism and will consume more energy

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